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Why choose K&L Custom Cabinets?

The answer to that question falls into two categories: The quality in design and construction of the K&L cabinet. And the integrity of the company and its commitment to customer service.


K&L the company: K&L is a community of people who believe that success and profitability is the natural outgrowth of ethical business practices coupled with prompt courteous service.

This simple philosophy has made us the leading manufacturer of garage organization systems in Sothern California. Perhaps the most meaningfully testament to our commitment to customer service is the fact that customers have returned again and again to K&L for all their custom cabinet needs.


The K&L Cabinet: The 400lbs. aluminum extrusion at the top and bottom casing of our cabinet, the pull extrusion that runs the length of our doors and drawers and shelf extrusions to prevent sagging are all key to the lasting strength of the K&L Cabinet.

All of our cabinets are made from a high-grade industrial pinecore board, this board uses a higher density of chip material and glue resins to achieve a stronger, more consistently solid board. All board material is finished on both sides in thermo-fused melamine, a superior hot bonding process. This material will not delaminate, peel, bubble or discolor, and cleaning is simple with a soft cloth and most any popular all-surface cleaner. We believe our proprietary aluminum extrusions and cabinet framing design provide a lasting strength that all wood cabinets and our competitors can't match. We stand behind that belief with a lifetime guarantee.

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