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custom closets

Exceptional Custom Closets in Southern California

K&L Custom Cabinets  specializes in building a wide variety of exceptional custom closets. We provide our top-quality custom closets for homes in the Inland Empire area. Whether you are in need of a three-story shoe organizer or a particular closet finish, count on K&L Custom Cabinets’ talented and experienced designers to maximize your usable closet space. Our ability to easily configure and deliver incredible custom closets has made K&L Closet System a popular choice and create tremendous value for your home. Take charge of your wardrobe and find usable storage space lost in the clutter of an under-utilized closet.

Top Closet Organizer Systems 

Southern California residents have trusted K&L Custom Cabinets to maximize their closets, home office, and garage. From extravagant to simple to anything in-between, our ability to custom-manufacture has made the K&L Closet System a popular choice. Each custom closet is created to cater to our customers’ daily needs, personal preference, and style. We will help you design a premium closet to maximize usable space for an affordable price. Choose from multiple materials, accessories, finishes, hardware, and amenities to make a truly one-of-a-kind closet.

K&L is the Go-To Closet Organizer just for you!

Closet Organizer Solutions

Constructed from high-quality, environmentally-conscious melamine laminates, we offer closet organizers in dozens of wood-like finishes, solid colors, and patterns. Common methods for constructing closet cabinetry includes: floor-resting closet units with open bottoms, floor-resting units supported on a toe-kick with enclosed bottoms, or completely wall-hung components.


Unlike other companies, K&L Custom Cabinets uses all three methods alone or in combination to build a unique custom closet perfected to suit your needs. All of our components are super strong because we use ¾” materials for sides and structural backs. Counter top surfaces for wardrobes and islands use Formica for increased durability against moisture from hot or cold materials. K&L Cabinets also offers a variety of useful and elegant accessories for storing belts, ties, pants, sweaters, and other wardrobe items. For an excellent custom closet designed to simplify your daily routine, contact K&L Custom Cabinets!

  • Maximize your usable closet space.

  • Catered to your daily needs, personal style, and financial budget.

  • Variety of drawer faces and finishes to choose from.

  • Incredible baskets, hamper, and shoe solutions.

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