FAQ Garage Cabinets

Can I order custom size cabinets?

Yes. We make all our cabinets per job... and with the exception of making a cabinet that is structurally
unsound we will change the width height and depth to meet you needs. All cabinetry is priced to the nearest larger standard unit size, but can be custom sized from standard units at no extra charge. Although most customers buy cabinets that are 22 or 24 inches in depth, we can make cabinets up to 48 inched deep.

How does K&L compare on price?

We sell a high-grade product at a fair price considering the materials, workmanship and attention to detail that goes into each system we install. The true value of the K & L cabinet can easly be seen when compaired against most other cabinets that are smaller and don't have metal edging. Aluminum extrusions on the K&L Cabinet represent 30% of its material cost. Other companys offer door are shelf extrusions, but only as expensive upgrades for a copairable product K & L won't be under sold on price. Our systems are sold by the cabinet box, or module. Each piece is priced separately, so you can design your own system and tailor it to fit both your needs and budget. Our systems are also easily expandable, so you can add onto your system as your budget allows. As every client's garage and requirements vary, we suggest you click on the link below to schedule a designer to meet you at your home to create a system just right for you.

Why are your cabinets mounted off the ground?

There are many good reasons why most modern garage cabinets are wall hung: Concrete is porous and water will migrate through your slab attacking cabinet materials over time. Wall mounting cabinets prevents any chance of moisture seeping through your slab attacking cabinet materials
and allows for easy cleaning of garage floor.

Installing a "straight" wall of floor resting garage cabinets is almost impossible because garage floors are sloped so water will flow out. Shims or wobble proof adjustable feet are the only poor choice for cabinets resting on the garage floor.

Wall hung cabinets help prevent pest infiltration. Traditional garage cabinetry is built on top of a pedestal, or a "toe kick" that becomes a perfect nesting place for pests and bugs seeking refuge in a cool, dark place. These pests eventually find their way into your home.

Lastly and perhaps most important wall hung cabinets are much stronger and safer than floor resting cabinets. The interconnecting nature of your homes framing is incredible strong and will add to the strength on the cabinet when mounted properly. Using 4" long, hardened steel installation screws, we mount each cabinet directly to your studs. On cabinets over 24 inches in depth we also we also use telescoping metal leg on the front edge of cabinets that screws down tight to the garage floor to support the cantilever of deeper cabinets.

How long do they take to install?

The fabrication and assembly of the K&L Cabinet takes place in the controlled confines of your manufacturing facility. Our installers arrive at your location with assembled cabinetry, ready to install. Using 4" long, hardened steel installation screws, we mount each cabinet directly to your studs, install shelving, hang doors, and clean everything when complete. As example, a 20 foot wall of cabinetry is usually installed by a three man crew in approximately 3 hours. While most installations are completed the same day, many take less than half a day, depending on size and complexity of the job.

After I get the cabinets, what is the guarantee?

The K&L guarantee covers all the products that we sell. It includes the following - hinges, warped doors, shelf pins, and construction of cabinets and workmanship of the installation. This guarantee does not include negligence on the behalf of the customer or natural disasters such as earthquake, flooding, wind or fire, etc... K&L will replace any of the above listed components which prove to be a faulty during the period of time in which the original purchasing customer owns the home in which they were installed. This guarantee in non-transferable.

Thank You,
K&L, Customer Service Dept.