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Build a Productive Custom Home Office

A custom home office can make or break your productivity levels. Let K&L Custom Cabinets boost your daily productivity levels by creating you a functional home office catered to suit your daily needs, personal style, and the way you work. If you work from home, we guarantee that you need a home office by K&L Custom Cabinets! Tight on space? No problem. We are experts at designing the perfect home office in small and awkward spaces. Count on K&L to design your dream home office!

Our Home Office Services Catered to Your Needs:

  • Custom designed for your needs.

  • Custom office peripheral solutions.

  • Keyboard and display pull-out & filing systems.

  • A work space designed just for you!

Top-Quality Custom Office Cabinets 

There is no residential space K&L can’t work with. We can transform an unused corner into a productive office nook or turn an entire room into a dedicated home office. The best place to start is by thinking about the ways you’ll use your home office. How many people will use the space? Do you want multiple workspaces in the room? Will most of your work be on the computer or do you need counter space for crafts and hobbies? Do you need custom office cabinets, a file drawer cabinet, mail cubbies, a spot for a printer or fax machine? What kind of supplies are a daily necessity? Find out what you need in your home office and collaborate on a home office design layout with K&L!

Designing a home office is one of the most complicated and technical projects our designers undertake. From analyzing ergonomics to accommodating individual technical needs, to creating space for books and display items, to simple questions like whether the user is right or left-handed, our accommodating design consultants bring years of expertise to every office they create. From design to production, K&L Custom Cabinets is committed to the highest standards of excellence when building your dream home office. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with K&L Custom Cabinets today!

Incredible Business Office Solutions!!!

K&L Custom Cabinets has extensive experience and aptitude in creating a diverse selection of custom business offices for all types of businesses, including the medical and dental office industries. We cater our business office design services to commercial properties residing in the Inland Empire and other areas. Whether you’re in need of an employee lounge, modern workstation, executive office, a copy room, or custom cabinet sizing, K&L offers a variety of exceptional quality business office and storage options. Beyond the break down furniture found at big-box office stores, K&L Cabinets provides customization for finishes, hardware, countertops, and much more. We specialize in custom-size, built-in solutions for record storage, reception areas, breakrooms, workstations, and executive offices.

Custom Office Solutions for All Types of Businesses in the Inland Empire area.

We offer the ability to custom size a wide variety of business office solutions, including cabinetry for that cramped copy room, handwash stations in dental offices, double sided cabinet partitions for patient nooks, etc. K&L Custom Cabinets will transform any business office or workspace to cater to our clients’ daily business needs, personal preference, and financial budget. Custom select your materials, finishes, hardware, and countertop options for different spaces in your company’s offices. We are the go-to experts for exceptional buildouts servicing all types of business office solutions. If you have any questions, contact K&L Custom Cabinets today!

Our Team Can Create Custom-Designed Workspaces For:

  • Executive offices

  • Group workstations

  • Record storage

  • Medical offices

  • Dental offices

  • School classrooms

  • Audio/visual cabinetry

  • Lockers

  • Break areas

  • Copy rooms

  • Shelving/storage rooms

Custom Business Office Cabinets, Workstation, Office Furniture, and More!

At K&L, we recognize the importance of creating not just a single piece of furniture, but a comprehensive layout that encompasses space utilization throughout an entire office and creates a cohesive flow throughout. Whether your office project is minor, complicated, or somewhere in-between, K&L takes pride in our ability to work at any level. We collaborate directly with business owners, architects, and interior designers to get the job done right.


Before we get started on your custom office solutions, we will need the following information: objectives, limitations, operating procedures, job functions, departmental functions, design criteria, spatial needs, office furniture, and equipment. This information provides an understanding of the organizational needs and establishes the general character, quality, and parameters of the project. The information gathered is then represented in the form of a CAD-generated Office Space Plan and office furniture budget projection. We recognize the importance of timelines and budgets when starting a new business or undergoing a remodel. K&L can be an important part of bringing in your commercial office project on-budget and on-time. Give us a call to get started!

Business Office and Storage

  • Employee lounge and reception solutions

  • Workstation or executive offices

  • Custom cabinet sizing

  • Affordable business office solutions

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